Root parsley hemp seed bonbons

Healthy bonbons with a surprising taste!

These bonbons with root parsley and hemp seed are the perfect solution for anyone who enjoys a healthy snack every now and then! And as a bonus, it doesn’t take long to prepare them either.

I had these two fellows laying around this week:

Amandelmeel en de wortelpeterseli
Almond meal and root parsley

You probably know the almond meal on the left; its little friend on the right you might not. It’s not parsnip but root parsley, which is the root of the parsley plant and even though it resembles its slightly bigger friend the parsnip, its taste is much more aromatic.

So what do you do with root parsley? Well first of all, you can make really nice fries out of them, slice and cook or bake it, but it’s ever nicer to put it in these sweet bonbon recipe.

The aromatic taste of the root parsley combines perfectly with the marzipan taste of almond mea. With the dates, hemp seed and the simple yet optional chocolate coating you get super tasty and healthy bonbons.

Root parsley hemp seed bonbons

Delicious bonbons with root parsley and hemp seed

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