Start your sugar free diet

Don’t harm your health another day and start your sugar free diet today! Eating sugar is one of the most harmful things we can do to our body. It doesn’t only make you fat, it damages your cells, increases your chances of getting cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s, and ultimately leads to diabetes.

I promise you that quitting sugar will make you lose weight, feel more energetic and better about yourself, and improve your health. Since I quit sugar 6 years ago, I feel that I can eat enormous amounts of healthy food without gaining a pound. I no longer suffer from sugar dips after eating, I improved my athletic abilities and am almost never sick any more.

How to start a sugar free diet

Read about what it means to be sugar free

Many people have asked me what it means exactly to quit sugar. It’s good to know what you can eat and what you cannot eat when you are sugar free. This will show you how much sugar you currently consume and which products would be better alternatives. Also check out our article on the many different words for sugar commonly found on food packaging.

Do the 1 week no sugar challenge

A good way to start a sugar free diet and do something good for yourself is by doing a 1 week no sugar challenge. By doing this detox, you will gain an insight into how much sugar most products in the supermarket actually contain. You will learn about your own body and become more aware of your own dependency to sugar.

After finished the challenge, you will probably notice that you have lost some weight, that you have more energy and that your taste has changed: sweets and candy are suddenly disgustingly sweet.

A 1 week sugar free challenge is also a great way to permanently decrease the amount of sugar in your diet. Most people who take the challenge feel that they cannot and don’t want to ever go back to their old eating patterns any more.

Bin the candy and go shopping

When you want to go on a sugar free diet or do a sugar detox, it is important to throw away all your sweets and go shopping. Normally I am not a fan of throwing away food, but remember that many products that contain a lot of sugar should not actually be seen as food as they don’t nourish the body but harm it instead. Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of all your candy and be sure not to give it to anyone else either.

Make sure that you have all that you will need in your kitchen to make your new eating regime into a success. Prepare plenty of healthy snacks and sugar free options in case you will get hungry or have sugar cravings.

Lollipops. Remember that this is not food: it harms your body. Bin it.

Create a meal plan for your new diet

Never start a sugar free diet without proper preparation. When we are confused about what to eat and what not, we start asking ourselves questions. And when we ask ourselves questions, we allow for the possibility of giving ourselves the wrong answer, depending on the time and circumstances. What I mean by this is the following: you will get hungry and at some point you will probably get a bad sugar craving. If you don’t have a strategy in place for the most difficult times, you will be caught in a moment of weakness and could tell yourself that you will just have one sweet or chocolate bar because you are so hungry right now and you cannot concentrate.

This is why you need to know what you are going to do when hunger or sugar cravings set in. Make sure that you have your sugar free snacks at hand at any time. Also ensure that you have a meal plan ready so that you know exactly what you are going to eat when you will get hungry.

Please let us know your experiences with your first steps towards your new sugar free meal plan below in the comments.

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