Coconut cake with millet

A delicious sugar free cake with a forgotten grain

A sugar free gluten free cake with millet

Millet gives awesome structure to any sugar free cake. It is also gluten free and can easily be used in vegan recipes as well. For long a forgotten grain, it can now be found in many organic shops and supermarkets as well.

Millet: a forgotten gluten free grain?

I sometimes think that millet has a little bit of an image problem. It doesn’t sound or look particularly tasty, it takes longer than bread, rice or pasta to prepare and most people have never heard of it, let alone prepared it.

It’s not long ago that I found out about millet myself and even shorter ago that I realised what it is you can do with it. The first time I ate millet was in Poland which is not strange as consumption of it is high especially in eastern Europe.

A sugar free cake with coconut and millet
A sugar free cake with coconut and millet

Millet: a gluten free grain with many health benefits

Millet is a very healthy, nutritious, tasty and gluten-free alternative for other sources of carbohydrates such as bread or pasta. It contains a lot of B-vitamins and iron and, if prepared well, is also extremely tasty, even without forming part of some cake or burger.

The nice thing about millet is that you can eat it as a source of carbohydrates with your veggies but you can also use it to prepare desserts. After cooking, blending and cooling down, millet will get a pudding like structure and allows for the preparation of sugar free cakes which would otherwise require gelatine or agar.

An easy sugar free cake recipe with only a few ingredients

The top layer of this cake consists of only two main ingredients: millet and coconut milk. Make sure that your coconut milk is thick and creamy. Besides that you will need water for boiling your millet and perhaps some xylitol or erythritol for sweetness. I made the base of this sugar free cake of almonds, pumpkin seeds and dates, mostly because I happened to have those at home. These tastes form an excellent combination but other seeds, dates and dried fruits will also do. Try walnuts with dried figs for example.

This sugar free cake is fairly simple, meaning it can be used as a base for testing alternatives tastes and sugar free recipes.

A sugar free coconut cake with millet

Coconut cake with millet

Healthy coconut cake with millet and xylitol.

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