Raw butternut squash pie

A cake with raw butternut squash!

A lovely raw butternut squash pie, of course without any added sugar, lactose, gluten and flour, stuffed with healthy fats, proteins and fibers.

I never really knew that you can eat butternut squash or pumpkin raw. It is said to be difficult to digest for some people, but I’ve just eaten half the pie and I’m still feeling pretty good! In case you are afraid of any digestive problems, you can also cook it first, which will also aid the mixing process (which is difficult when it is raw).

If you decide to make a non-raw version of this pie, I would advise to put the pieces of butternut in a pot and add water until the butternut is just under water. Once the butternut is cooked, you can use a stick blender to make a thick and creamy butternut mash out of it. Let this cool down for a while before mixing it with the other ingredients.

The base can be made with the nuts you prefer or happen to have. Pecans are rather expensive but do combine great with the taste of the butternut. Hemp seed makes for a great combination too.

The spices and dates need to be tasted and dosed. Dates can differ a lot and the amount mentioned in the recipe is basically an indication. If you have good fluffy sweet dates, you might need less. The spices you can add to taste.

De rauwe pompoentaart
The raw pumpkin pie when finished
Piece of raw butternut squash pie

Raw butternut squash pie

A lovely raw pie with butternut squash!

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