Raw chocolate heart cake

A super simple and sweet chocolate cake for your lover!

Sometimes it’s nice to surprise your loved-one with something delicious that immediately shows how much you love them! So what could be better than this heart-shaped raw chocolate cake?


This cake is actually incredibly easy to make; the chocolate layer consists of just two base ingredients, cashew nuts and dates, plus some cocoa powder and some nut milk to make it all blend a little easier.

For both the base and topping I used peanuts so that these would match each other’s taste better, but you can use other nuts and even substitute the coconut flakes with berries or fruit. I made more hearts out of the peanuts as can be seen in the picture below:

The heart unfortunately needs to be broken to be eaten
The heart unfortunately needs to be broken to be eaten

<3 The way to a man (or woman’s) heart is actually still through his or her stomach <3

Raw chocolate heart cake in two halves

Raw chocolate heart cake

A delicious and easy raw chocolate heart cake to surprise your loved one, or yourself!

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  1. Wow, that\’s a super nice recipe. It\’s very easy – even for someone who can\’t cook 😉 – and tasty.
    I did the heart-cake for my girlfriend, who is gluten-free and vegan, she was impressed. Thanks!

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