Foods to eat in moderation on a sugar free diet

Foods to eat in moderation when you’re on a sugar free diet

These are foods that can be eaten on a no sugar diet, but that you might want to limit and eat in moderation or avoid altogether if you are diabetic or prediabetic, have problems with blood glucose control or are trying to lose weight. Most of these foods are natural unprocessed foods that have a high glycemic index, thereby raising your blood glucose levels relatively fast. For most people it is usually okay to consume them in limited amounts, especially in combination with foods that are high in fibre.

Fruits: certain fruits, like mango, pineapple, melon, grapes, cherries and banana have a relatively high GI. I personally do enjoy these fruits every now and then, also because they have several health benefits and because eating a ripe mango on a hot day is just an extremely enjoyable thing.

Grapes should be eaten in moderation

Dairy products: most dairy products, like milk, yoghurt, cheese and quark contain lactose, which is essentially milk sugar. Also, dairy products might have other negative impacts on our health. I personally try to avoid dairy at home completely while I do sometimes eat it away from home when there is no other choice.

Potatoes and corn: be careful with starchy vegetables like potato and corn. Although they do contain many vitamins and minerals, they have a high glycemic index.

Dried fruits: dried fruits like raisins, dates and dried figs and prunes have a relatively high GI. While they do make great sweeteners, it is best to be careful with these foods. Raisins for example are very tasty and they are easy to consume too many of. If you eat a handful of raisins, remember that this is more or less the equivalent of eating 10 grapes.

A heart of raisins
Raisins are tasty natural sweeteners but they are very high in natural fruit sugar

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