New year challenge: 1 week sugar-free
Join our sugar-free challenge!

On Monday 4 January 2016 we will start our new year sugarfree challenge.

Do you want to put your New Year’s resolutions into practice and start 2016 in a healthy manner? Would you not only like to lose those pounds you gained during the December holidays but would you like to change your eating habits forever and stay in shape?

Then join our new-year-sugarfree-challenge! Participation in the program is free.

Would you like to:

  • start the new year in a healthy manner?
  • try a sugar-free lifestyle?
  • get the change to know other people who eat sugar-free on Facebook and on our website?
  • get answers to your questions from Jonathan?

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Author: Jonathan

Foodblogger, translator, webmaster, Dante specialist, cook. Passionate about natural food, languages, cycling and travels.

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