Beetroot burgers with millet

Beautiful, tasty and healthy vegan burgers with a gluten-free option!
Beetroot burgers with millet
Beetroot burgers with millet

These vegan burgers are so much of a joy to watch that it’s a shame to actually put them in your mouth. But I promise you won’t be disappointed once you do!

I made these burgers with whole-wheat flour, but you can substitute that with buckwheat flour to get completely gluten-free burgers. Spelt flour works well too.

The burgers are based on millet, a grain very popular in eastern Europe but large ignored in most of the western world, even though it’s gluten-free, extremely healthy and super tasty when prepared well. It’s very high in iron and vitamin B and, besides burgers, it can be used to make puddings and other types of desserts.

Serve your burgers with bread, vegetables, sauces, or anything of your choice, for example Kasia’s awesome sweet potato fries

Beetroot burgers with millet

Beetroot burgers with millet

Healthy and tasty beetroot burgers with millet.

Author: Kasia

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