Sugar free recipes with almonds

A bowl of almonds
A bowl of almonds

Almonds are the seeds of a tree native to countries like Turkey, Syria, India and Pakistan, although they are now also cultivated elsewhere, such as in Italy or the United States.

Nutrition and health benefits

Almonds are extremely rich in nutrients, such as the B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. They are also a great source of protein. Besides this, they contain polyunsaturated fats which might help to lower your cholesterol. Like other nuts, almonds also contain phytosterols which have been linked to positive effects on cholesterol as well.

Almonds in sugar free desserts

Almond flour or almond meal is a fantastic ingredient for sugar free and gluten free cakes. It provides a rich nutty flavour which combines very well with many other flavours like chocolate and fruits. You can also blend almonds with other nuts and medjool dates to make a base for your cake without added sugars.

You can also use almonds to give extra flavour to your unsweetened desserts or oatmeal by sprinkling them on top. Of course it is also an awesome idea to make your own almond butter.

Raw avocado lemon cake with kiwi

"Green heaven": raw avocado lemon cake with kiwi

A vegan and gluten free raw cake with avocado, lemon and kiwi
A closed jar of overnight oats with red fruit and peach

Overnight oats in a jar with yoghurt, red fruit and peach

Healthy and tasty overnight oats in a jar